Testosterone and Muscle Building – How Is It Related To Each Other?

Testosterone is the most powerful and quintessential male hormone which plays a major role in building muscle mass. Maintaining the right testosterone levels is important for various benefits like overall well-being, increased libido, enhanced energy and also for potentially improved athletic performance.

It is a super steroid hormone which help you in improving lean muscle mass as well as bone density and above all will help you maintain a good body, which in turn is crucial for your good health! High levels of testosterone hormone is often linked with more fat loss and muscle growth. Even if building body muscle is not a primary goal, every guy will be finding ways to improve his testosterone levels.

On the other hand, if a guy is trying to increase his muscle mass, then he should focus on boosting his testosterone levels. Testosterone is considered as a crucial hormone driver for your muscle growth. There are various studies which has proved that anabolic steroids that will boost your T levels, if given to young and healthy men will increase muscle growth together with fat loss.

Science Behind Testosterone Levels

It is to be noted that, as you grow old, there are higher chances for the T levels to drop down. Natural testosterone levels will start to drop for majority of the men in their late 20’s to early 30’s. This decline will turn out to be more precipitous as you age more.

Longitudinal effects of aging on date-adjusted T and free T index. Linear segment plots for total T and free T index vs. age are shown for men with T and SHBG values on at least two visits. Each linear segment has a slope equal to the mean of the individual longitudinal slopes in each decade, and is centered on the median age, for each cohort of men from the second to the ninth decade. Numbers in parentheses represent the number of men in each cohort.

Once the levels go beyond the normal range, say around 300 to 1000 ng/dl, then you will run the risk of blowback. When the levels go above this range, the excess levels of hormone will get converted to estrogen, thereby resulting in conditions like male breast growth (gynecomastia), growth of body hair and baldness.

Very high levels of T levels are really uncommon among the natural bodybuilders, however can be seen in those who are using performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids. However you can improve building muscle mass and various other benefits of T hormone even when you are in the middle of normal range by increasing the endogenous levels.

On the other hand, if your T levels are not increasing naturally or even with the aid of any performance-enhancing aids, then you can definitely increase the production of your hormone by including the below mentioned nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies in your day-to-day life.

It is not at all a surprising fact that having more muscle mass helps to maintain the levels of testosterone high.

Training for building muscles will increase testosterone levels and elevated levels of T hormones builds muscle mass. All you have to make sure is that don’t ever get too much of a good thing.

Even though there are several factors which are responsible for why and how you look the method you do, it is mainly the amount of growth hormone which is released into the body, which later dictate how physically large the muscles as well as bones finally become.

Link between Muscle Growth and Testosterone Levels

We are already aware of the fact that increasing the levels of testosterone dramatically induces muscle growth.

If you are taking the right kind of steroids, there are chances that your T levels will skyrocket and if you are lifting weights on regular basis, you can achieve more muscle growth than if you are drug-free.

But there are certain things which majority of the people is now aware of.

Fluctuation of T hormones within the normal physiological range will not affect your muscle growth. That is, if the T levels are a bit down the middle normal, then boosting them to a high normal will make you feel even better and will be able to notice a boost in libido as well.

However this is not enough to build more muscle mass. This has been scientifically proven.

Charles R. Drew from the University of Medicine and Science have carried out a research and published the report a decade ago in which they have given varying amounts of testosterone enanthate together with drugs for inhibiting the natural production of testosterone to young as well as healthy men for around 20 weeks.

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